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There are two methods for obtaining the BoardMaker3 software.


The lease cost of BoardMaker3 is based on the number of licences, a breakdown is given below, they exclude shipping and local Tax (VAT) :

 Number of Licenses  Annual Cost
 1  £350
 2  £525
 3  £700
 4  £875
 5  £1050

The advantage of the lease is that the customer is always in support for the duration of the lease, they will be provided with the all fixes and updates as they become available. The lease does not require any intial capital investment in addition to the annual maintenance costs associated with other CAD products. The disadvantage is that you do not own the product outright but a own a license for its use for the duration of the lease period.

You can buy BoardMaker3 outright, the price is 6 times the cost of the lease prices indicated above. The purchase includes full support, fixes and updates for the first year. Thereafter, the cost of maintenance is the same as the cost of the lease should you wish to take this option. The advantages of this method are that you own the license for the product and it is not time limited, however the disadvantage is that you will have to pay for support, fixes and updates after the first year of ownership has expired.

Please note that if the maintenance option is not taken out immediatly and you decide to take this out at a later time, the costs that will charged are a function of the number of years out of support multiplyed by a percentage of the annual cost. This effectively brings you up to date with the latest software without penalising you for any support that was not received. Contact the sales team for further advice.

In the UK mainland the cost of shipping is free. For customers in other regions we are able to ship the product to any global location, the cost of shipping is dependant on the method of despatch and courier you choose. Please contact the sales team for a quote.

Tax Breaks
If you are leasing there may be tax breaks that are applicable to you, these are dependent on the region you are located and local tax law. These tax breaks where applicable can allow a lease owner to claim back a portion of the lease cost on a annual basis against the tax liability of the company (corporation). Please check your tax advisor if this applies to you.

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