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  • Runs under Windows 2000TM and Windows XPTM
  • Fast custom graphics engine for true colour Windows modes
  • Fully Integrated Environment for Schematic capture and PCB design
  • Operates with dual head graphics cards for improved productivity
  • Docking Windows Interface
  • Windows Fonts Support
  • Support for Scripting Language allowing user definable functions
  • Keyboard remapping
  • Comprehensive Rules Based DRC
  • PCB's up to 40 inches square (> 1 metre square)
  • 32 bit database supports true metric and imperial measurement with sub-micron accuracy (better than 0.001 micron)
  • Support for up to 32 copper layers, 2 silk screen, 2 resist, 2 paste mask and 2 glue mask layers
  • Unlimited design capacity
  • Realtime dynamic trace ploughing on planes
  • Flexible pad and symbol creation toolset
  • Unlimited undo and redo for editing modes
  • Component and text rotation to .01
  • Tracking with polygons, arcs, any angle and assisted angle 45, 90 modes
  • Project based design files
  • Invisible linkage between schematics and pcb's
  • Supports net merging through schematic or pcb (Star earth connections)
  • Unlimited user assignable attributes
  • Pin swapping in either schematic or pcb
  • Understands internal connections between pins on symbols
  • Create grids with different X and Y spacing in metric or imperial format
  • Powerful datum mechanism
  • Group editing
  • Context sensitive pop-up menus
  • Macro block mode for design reusability(multi channel design)
  • Dynamic closest node ratsnest
  • Destination and net highlighting
  • Multi document interface (MDI) for simulatenous editing
  • Cut, Copy , Paste between diagrams
  • Manual PCB mode (for simple designs)
  • Bill of materials (BOM) with Build attribute allows creation of variant parts lists
  • Export and import attribute for spreadsheet manipulation
  • Import DFX for Board outlines, Export DXF files to mechanical CAD tools
  • Net import facilities for BoardCapture, Orcad, Tango, Protel and others via Tango net list format
  • Production output includes gerber RS274X, NC drill, pick and place and glue masks
  • Full import for BoardMaker2 PCB's and libraries.

There are many more functions and features check out the BoardMaker3 demo for a insight into one of the most powerful CAD tools on the market today.


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