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BoardMaker3 is an integrated environment for the design of Printed circuit boards, offering a comprehensive set of tools that allow schematic entry, Spice simulation, 3D viewing and an Autorouter Interface.

With a Customised graphics engine and a user configureable interface it allows complete control of workflow.

Putting it simply - one of the most powerful and productive CAD tools on the market.

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Fully integrated schematic capture and PCB editors, update diagrams with a single keystroke.
Configurable user interface and keyboard accelerators.
Blind & Buried Vias.
Integrated 3D Viewing of PCB's.
Plated and non-plated slots.
Integrated Spice 3f5 with XSpice extensions.
IDF Export to mechanical & thermal modelling tools.
Autorouter Interface.
Powerful rules based DRC.
Realtime dynamic trace ploughed planes, no waiting for lengthy copper pour processes.
Truetype font support, use your windows fonts on your PCB.
Up to 32 copper layers with unlimited design capacity.
Powerful grids, create grids with different X/Y steps.
True metric and imperial database with sub micron accuracy (better than 0.001 micron).
Rotation to .01 of a degree.
Create PCB's up to 40 inches square (> 1metre square).
Output formats include, printing, RS274X gerber, NC drill, IDF, pick and place and more.
Import board outlines from DXF.
Pin swapping available in both the schematic and PCB editors.
Cross probing
Scripting, extend the software with your own functions.
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